6 Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Amazon Affiliate Website Revenues

Do you run an Amazon affiliate website?

If so, you probably spend a lot of time trying to promote different products and maximize your earnings. If this is your first time working as an affiliate, it’s normal to experience difficulty when making a steady profit.

Relying on commission can be difficult. Using the right tools will ensure you receive a comfortable earning off of Amazon commission. These tools will help you earn money, but will also be better for your business.

Want to start earning more money as an Amazon affiliate? Follow these 6 tips and become the top Amazon affiliate.

1. Work Within Your Niche

Marketers have always been taught to appeal to a broad audience. While this is an effective strategy in some cases, affiliates profit more when they work within a niche.

The secret comes from the brand affiliates are promoting. These brands are targeting a specific consumer, which means they need to target the consumer’s interest.

These interests usually fall within content, so the brands need to find an effective marketer to reach their intended audience.

Just because a niche audience doesn’t attract a mass amount of people, doesn’t mean niche markets aren’t profitable.

When you start your Amazon affiliate website, you need to ensure your content and digital marketing efforts attract those in your niche.

Become more involved in your niche. Join social groups and connect with your followers. Use social media to promote yourself and your reviews.

This way, you’ll become an influencer in your niche.

2. Use Buying Keywords

Keyword research is vital for any digital marketer.

Keywords are the core of attaining successful search engine results. Amazon affiliate website owners need to use specific buying keywords. These are keywords tailored to a consumer rather than a general search engine user.

When consumers are looking for a specific product, they word their keywords in a certain way as opposed to wording their keywords in a way that conveys education or advice.

For example, say a consumer is looking for shoes. A keyword such as “history of shoes” doesn’t correlate to someone who is shopping for shoes. Instead, they use buyer keywords such as “fall shoe trends” or “discount designer shoes.”

How do you find buying keywords? In your keyword tool, word phrases in a way that conveys buying. Using dollar amounts, adjectives such as “best” or “cheap” and even terms such as “reviews” conveys you’re reaching out to consumers.

3. Include International Brands

This is usually the issue with affiliates from a major country.

They decide to not work in a foreign market and become involved with different currencies. If they feel their home country is profitable, they will promote their home country’s brands and rely on their commissions.

You’re avoiding a huge revenue boost, even in the face of currency conversions. Many major companies have huge buying markets. This is especially true for brands who appeal to a major audience around the world.

When you expand your Amazon market, make sure you sign up for international Amazon brands.

Does this sound too complicated? Amazon devised a way to make the international affiliate buying process easier. You simply add a link localization tab.

When a customer selects the attached Amazon link, the link automatically recognizes their home country.

4. Utilize Amazon Link Placement

As an affiliate, you’re often told to create great content and maximize your following. Maybe you create great content and have a great following. If you still don’t receive sales, consider where you place the supplier’s Amazon link.

Sometimes, affiliate marketers place the Amazon link in an inconvenient location.

Maybe you use the hyperlink into certain words your website visitors don’t catch.

Or you place the link in specific locations, and the customer isn’t finding the link.

Experiment with different link placement method. Use a product image and hyperlink the Amazon store into the image. Or, place the link throughout the content.

Make sure you use an enticing CTA when utilizing in-content links. For example, linking a supplier to the text “designers shoes for under $75” is more compelling than “click here for cheap shoes.”

5. Use Heat Maps

You’re probably wondering, what are heat maps? This a tool that displays where your website visitors are frequently clicking.

There are a couple of reasons why this tool is successful.

Most websites use heat maps to better understand how their website navigation and layout affect visitors. You can see what areas of your website draw the most attention and the less popular areas where you should improve.

Heat maps also display areas that are unclickable, and your website visitors may try and click those areas.

Heat maps are a great selling opportunity. They’re a tool for you to utilize where you should place your supplier’s Amazon store. But heat maps also display areas you can place additional selling content, such as ads.

6. Make Your Blog Look More Like an e-Commerce Website

When you look at your blog, what do you see? Do you see a fully functioning website that offers a mix of products and quality content? Or do you see a…blog?

If your website looks like a blog, your visitors may not notice your affiliate services.

What are some key differences between a traditional blog and an online store?

Utilize some e-commerce features, such as a shopping bag and checkout tab. Arrange your content by product type and not content type.

Make Bank with Your Amazon Affiliate Website

You didn’t establish yourself as an affiliate to make blogging your hobby. You want to become a professional blogger and live your passion.

But to generate enough revenue through affiliate commission, certain website qualities can make you bank.

These include always using best linking practices with the supplier’s Amazon link, making your website look more like a store, and appeal to your niche.

When you use these tips, your website will generate more revenue. Use these tips and be the best affiliate marketer.

Building an Amazon affiliate website is easy. You can start by using our services.

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